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Hi there! I'm Paige




 I'm a fine art maternity and newborn photographer based in central Arkansas. My first love was photography. I picked up a camera at 17 and knew in that moment that I never wanted to stop.  18 years, a degree in fine arts, two kids and a husband, and 3 military moves later, photography still has my heart.



After shooting for almost 2 decades, I've dabbled in almost every niche of photography there is.  My first time behind a camera was in 2002, and I was hooked immediately. Fresh out of art school, I began shooting weddings in Washington state.   2013  took my family to Guam.  It was there my focus turned to family, newborn and maternity sessions.  Our move to Arkansas in 2017 opened the doors for me to dig in and explore why I love this genre of photography so much. 

The photography community says you should focus on only one genre.  Shoot newborns, or weddings, or boudoir, or families...but only one.  They say you're not a professional unless you only shoot one area, that you can't be really good at it if you're spreading yourself all over.  

I tried several times to narrow down my focus to just maternity and newborns. But each time, I was faced with having to walk away from clients who's lives were growing and changing, and I hated the thought of missing out on their stories.  Then I realized that all of the things I loved to shoot did have a common thread.   Mothers.  Whether they be pregnant and at the beginning of their journey, or a grandmother with generations of family around her, every mother's story was beautiful to me.  And I didn't want to only tell a piece of it.  And so the Art of Motherhood was born. 

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