The Chrysalis Program

After years of shooting, I've found my heart has steered me toward maternity and newborns.  Pregnancy is, at its essence, a transformation.  It changes your body, your family, and your heart.  I love to capture the elegance of pregnancy, and tell the story of your transformation with my images.  The Chrysalis Program is a maternity ambassador group where I can connect with expecting mothers over the course of their pregnancy. 

By joining my Maternity Ambassador group,  you simply have to spend some time sharing my company on your social media platforms to earn products. 


For every full session I book as a result of your referrals, you will earn  credits towards additional digital images, print products, or future session fees.

My ambassadors will have the opportunity to participate in a exclusive stylized maternity session and receive 10 digital images for their time and efforts.  


       Click HERE to apply  

Paige Maiden Photography 

Maternity Ambassador 


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