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Columbia Falls, Montana | Women's Empowerment Photographer

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Erika | Empowerment session

I. Am. More.

Those words stuck with me after Erika told me her "why" for booking a session. She wanted her story told. She wanted to let others know that they're more than the things that happened to them. And I couldn't agree more.

Finally taking the steps to leave her abuser, she left to create a safer life for her and her children.

Her session tells the story of feeling trapped in her marriage, and the violence she endured. How she burned through the pain of it all an reemerged a new person-one that loved herself, and remembered she WAS more that what he had done to her.

She hoped her story would inspire others, and let them know they are worthy.

I hope it's a reminder for her as well. You are more Erika.

If you want more information about booking an empowerment session click HERE


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