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Kalispell, Montana | Boudoir Photographer

Natashia | Boudoir Session

Boudoir has become a bit of a taboo word in today's society. Everyone has their own definition and expectations of what a boudoir session would be like. Most of the comments I get are along the lines of

"Oh! Like naked pictures?"

And it always makes me chuckle a bit.

The word boudoir has roots as a woman's private chambers...a place where she can drop the veil, let loose from the expectations of the world, and just be herself. Society places so much pressure on what a woman should and shouldn't be. A boudoir is an escape from that....your own personal comfort zone.

Everyone that books a boudoir shoot has their own reason why. In the end, it boils down to them wanting to explore a side of themselves they don't typically let the world see.

For more information on booking a boudoir session click Here


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