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Most Beautiful spots to plan a photoshoot in Northwest Montana

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Paige Maiden Photography | Glacier Park Photographer

From stunning snowcapped mountains, to lush green forests, Northwest Montana offers an endless variety of backdrops for your next photoshoot. If you're not lucky enough to live here year round, adding a destination photoshoot to your vacation Here are some of the most stunning locations around the Flathead Valley.

-Glacier National Park

Easily a fan favorite, the sweeping views of Glacier include Lake McDonald, Going to Sun Road, Bowman Lake, and Many Glacier. With over 1 million acres to explore, Glacier is perfect choice year round.

When planning a photoshoot at Glacier, it's important to remember that many areas are not accessible year round. Make sure your photographer is in the know with the park policies and road schedules.

-Flathead Lake

Located at the south end of the Flathead Valley is the gorgeous Flathead Lake. The 2 hour drive around the lake is dotted with lake side towns and beautiful views. Somers Beach, Lakeside, and Polson Bay are just a few of my favorite spots on the drive. Late spring also ushers in the blooming cherry blossom trees all around the lake. For the adventurous folks, there is even a wild horse preserve island in the middle of the lake, accessible only by boat!

- Lone Pine State Park

Overlooking the whole valley, Lone Pine state park in Kalispell has easy access to some great vantage points. Whether you want to get a expansive view of Kalispell, or the grand Big Mountain, Lone Pine makes a wonderful backdrop for you session!

-Rivers Edge Park

Probably my favorite spot in the valley is Rivers Edge Park. Located in Columbia Falls, the park is has 20 acres of paths to explore that bring you right to the edge of the Flathead river. Lined with Columbia and Teakettle Mountain and peaks of Glacier in background, this spot is perfect for those family sessions with little ones who can't make it through the trek through Glacier.

-City Beach

Located in the heart of Whitefish on Whitefish Lake, City Beach is definitely a 10. Summer offers beautiful rocky shores, and in winter the whole lake freezes over. It's also within walking distance from downtown Whitefish, making it highly accessible for your photoshoot.

-Ross Creek Cedars

Located north of the Flathead Valley in the Kootenai National Forest are the Ross Creek Cedars. Over a 1000 years old, these towering giants and lush forests create a dreamy location for your session! The drive from Kalispell is roughly 2 hours, but it is SO worth it for this view.

-Kootenai Falls

If you're up to the drive away from the valley, Kootenai falls is a stunning location located just outside of Libby, Mt. As the largest undammed waterfall in the state, Kootenai Falls adds some extra drama to any session.

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