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Northwest Montana | maternity photographer

Rebecca | Destination maternity session

Raise your hand if you loved 10 hour car rides when you were 7 months pregnant and a tiny human rotated between kicking your bladder and your sciatic nerve.

Anyone? either! But somethings are worth it.

This mama drove completely across Montana for her session with me. ME!? No pressure right?

Of course the day of her shoot began with thunderstorms. But no biggie since her session began at the studio. We had plenty of time for it to clear up. We sat and listened to the storm while she had her hair and makeup done. Her husband and I made letterekenny jokes. And I'm fairly sure I told them way too many stories about living in Guam.

And it kept raining.

Her studio images were to die for....we spent way to much time shooting there because it's impossible for me to stop when someone let's my chaotic creativity loose.

And still it rained.

So we moved on to the greenhouses at the Columbia Nursery. And THOSE images...flawless. Chef's kiss.

And it stopped raining. So we decided to chance it and head to the riverfront park with a gorgeous view of the mountains. Because why drive all the way to Glacier National Park if you aren't getting photos with the mountains? Within the 8 minute walk from the parking lot we ducked into the final pavilion before the river JUST as it poured buckets of hail on top of us.

After about 15 minutes, it lightened up and we made our way to the riverfront and this gladiator mama stood barefoot in the freezing cold to the magical pictures she trekked out there for.

The entire session I just hoped she was enjoying herself. That the rain and the hail didn't ruin the experience for her.

While cleaning up that night I found some things she left so I met up with her the next day. As we left, she hugged me and thanked me for confirming why she drove all that way to see me. I left the parking lot in happy tears.

For more information on how to schedule your own destination maternity session click HERE

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