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Kalispell Montana | Fine Art Boudoir Photographer

Natashia | Viking Session

"Hey do you want to dress like a viking and play with fire?"

This session was a dream from start to finish. Once word came that my family was getting ready to relocate, I knew I had to take full advantage of my space (and Horses) before I lost them forever.

Natashia and I met 3 years before. Both military spouses in Arkansas. She a pregnant mama...and I in need of a maternity model. Match made in heaven right? We came to find that we attended the same college together in Georgia, and even lived at the same apartment complex for a while. Small world huh?!

I immediately messaged my muse and asked if she wanted to play dress up one more time. She had always been 100% on board with my crazy ideas, and this time I wanted to create something to focus on her and the battles she had been facing.

One of the things she and I connected on was pregnancy loss. After recent losses, I knew it was more important than ever to show her what a force of nature she truly was.

So donned with leather and fur, we spent an evening playing with horses and fire (not at the same time of course).

As an added bonus to the story.... a few weeks later I got a message from her with the news that she was expecting! Her sweet boy just turned 4 months old.

If you're interested in booking a fantasy session, click HERE


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